This program is a godsend! I was a working artist until I got sick, and when my care team found out that I was interested in art, they connected me with Mark from the Art with Elders Program. I came to the class, and I couldn’t believe my luck. The art studio is terrific, and Mark’s help and instruction have been invaluable.

Michael Carter Davidson, a.k.a. Max

I love it! I was thrilled when I got here. I used to draw at home. They asked if I like art. I told them if I can have a place to draw, that will be fine. So I started drawing, did art shows, and my pictures are shown. The teacher is marvelous!

Ida Marksman

I love to hold a paintbrush and think about ways to bring my heart and soul to that canvas. I don’t know what’s going to come, and that’s the fun of it.

Mary, former nurse and Bay Area Native


At any age, creative activities boost mood, connect people with their own life experiences and helps them relate to the world around them.CityBridge supports Art With Elders, an enrichment program including painting classes and studio time. Some residents are accomplished artists in their own right, while others are enjoying the chance to find their “inner artist” for the first time. Class offerings include watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, crayons, pen and ink and pencil drawings and collages.

Artwork exhibitions are a regular event at the hospital, so their work can be shared and admired. These events touch hearts and often motivate other residents to connect with their own artistic talents. Our wonderful Art With Elders staff and volunteers help even the most disabled residents to find creative new ways to express hidden talents. Resident artwork is displayed at Laguna Honda for an annual exhibition and open artists’ reception.

The impact of our arts program goes beyond the hospital: A dedicated Laguna Honda artist has been pursuing a degree in art at the University of California – Berkeley Extension since starting art classes at Laguna Honda.


During the year (under regular conditions), CityBridge brings in live music to the hospital’s 16 internal neighborhoods. Some performers specialize in music of a favorite style – classical, jazz, and traditional cultural songs are all popular. For residents who are bed-bound, having a live performer visit them in their room is simply magical.

CityBridge believes in the healing power of music: over the years, we’ve donated several electronic pianos and even a karaoke machine, giving people the chance to make their own kind of music!


At Laguna Honda Hospital, music is part of life.

In fact, CityBridge has brought in performers regularly to entertain residents and share some healing vibes.

But when COVID-19 emerged, hospital residents’ options for recreation and socializing were suddenly restricted, simply for safety. So CityBridge stepped up.

With record speed, new Spotify accounts were funded and distributed, bringing a flow of personalized music to each of the hospital’s 16 neighborhoods.

Today, residents love, love, love their Spotify music. It’s healing and happiness–all in one.


Music and TV shows keep residents engaged and entertained. CityBridge buys large-screen TVs and supports their maintenance throughout the hospital’s 16 local neighborhoods.

We also keep multiple electronic music jukeboxes in good order, giving people access to familiar songs–and the chance to discover new jams. Playing the jukebox in the Common Room is a daily highlight for residents who come to connect with favorite singers and tunes.

With CityBridge, the magic of music is alive at Laguna Honda.

Help us build bridges to make lives better.