“Some residents visit the farm every day. They have favorites, goats or cats or guinea pigs. Spending time there gives them a feeling of independence, helps with socialization and brings joy to their lives.”

Activity Therapist, Laguna Honda

“It’s a nice outlet. It takes me out of my own head for a while. I see those 4-legged people are healthy and thriving. It makes me know that another day is coming.”

Jean Bric, Resident

“One woman here goes to see the aquarium every day…it makes her smile. And it reminds her of the Japanese fighting fish she used to raise at home.”

Activity Therapist, Laguna Honda

“Music really is key to keeping people happy here. Some days we just play music and don’t turn movies on at all.”

Natalie Ram, Activity Coordinator


Being close to nature helps make everyday life more fulfilling. That’s why CityBridge supports the hospital’s active farm and garden program. Here, residents can simply enjoy the company of people-friendly goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and geese.

Animal-Assisted Therapy is offered as a formal therapeutic service for some for residents but for anyone who likes animals, the farm is a soothing oasis of happiness and peace. Residents looking for a little retreat find the farm a place of discovery and contentment. Some simply enjoy visiting with the cats and ducks, reminiscing and remembering. Others like to pet a rabbit’s soft fur for relaxed sensory stimulation.

CityBridge is proud to keep the farm program running by funding the costs of veterinary services and animal feed.


Watching colorful fish swim about creates a sense of wonder and fascination. CityBridge supports several large aquariums at the hospital, where residents can spend time communing with a society of graceful, peaceful creatures. By bringing the outdoors in, we create a tranquil experience of nature that benefits everyone.

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