In fact, the entire CityBridge organization is based on the desire to share our time and talents with San Franciscans in need.

From fundraising to organizing, we welcome those who are ready to step up. To make a difference. And make everyday life better for the residents of Laguna Honda. If you’d like to find out more about volunteering with CityBridge, click the left button below and send us a message.  We’re always happy to hear from you!

If you’d like to volunteer with Laguna Honda Hospital itself, wonderful!  Click the right button to go directly to the hospital’s Volunteers page.

We love to show our thanks to volunteers at our Annual Volunteer Luncheon. This recognition event is a chance to visit with fellow volunteers, get updates on the hospital’s programs, and be honored for their service to others. Although COVID-19 has currently put indoor events like this on hold, we gratefully recognize those kindhearted souls who carry out good works on behalf of others in need. It’s our community. Get involved!


You’re our heroes–and we appreciate every one of you!

“Spending quality time with the residents makes me feel good because most don’t have any friends or family around, and so I’m there to make sure they don’t feel left out.”

Johnny Adkinson, Laguna Honda Hospital Volunteer since April 2003

Help us build bridges to make lives better.