“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey

Through our music programs, we hope to continue the tradition of bringing live music to skilled nursing and long-term care facilities during the holidays – especially to those facilities that help underserved populations.

We are also hoping to continue our tradition of offering holiday gifts to underserved populations in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities.

Over the years, we have funded:

The Laguna Honda Holiday Show

Until COVID-19, CityBridge Laguna Honda produced an annual holiday variety show for Laguna Honda. With “Santa Claus” as the emcee, the show features a lineup of performers who donate their time and talents to make the season bright.

Starting back in the 1950s, world-famous crooner and movie star Bing Crosby was the show’s first headliner, singing those holiday classics. Following Bing were Eddie Fisher, Frankie Layne, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and other popular singers and stars. Over the years, the show has hosted everything from professional musicians to boys’ and girls’ choruses, even jugglers and circus acts. During the 1970s, the show was televised on local cable, sharing the holiday spirit with the community at large.

For the past 15 years, the event has been hosted by comedian and entertainer Robert Vickers (a.k.a. Bud E. Love).

While the talent donates its services, CityBridge funded all the “hard costs” needed to produce the show, such as the setup of lights and sound systems. It is an amazing, heartwarming event that brings smiles to the faces of residents and staff members alike.

We hope to bring this show back to Laguna Honda when the time is right.

Holiday Gifts

Everyone likes to be remembered during the holidays but unfortunately, many elderly and disabled are without family or resources they can use to celebrate the season. That is why CityBridge Laguna Honda created the Holiday Gift Program which involved a catalog of gift options to choose from, then the hand delivery of that wrapped item. the delivery of that item. Items that volunteers have delivered have included hats, scarves, gloves, T-shirts, pajamas, hoodies, underwear, wheelchair and walker accessories, headphones, backpacks, and games.

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