“One woman here goes to see the aquarium every day…it makes her smile. And it reminds her of the Japanese fighting fish she used to raise at home.”

Activity Therapist, Laguna Honda

Falls Prevention Program

CityBridge Laguna Honda funds a Vivalon program that empowers participants to reduce their risks of falls while increasing their overall independence, health, well-being, and joy in life. The program offers two distinct evidence-based series of classes – Bingocize and Matter of Balance.

Classes are held at Vivalon’s Healthy Aging Center in San Rafael as well as at off-site locations to better serve underserved communities throughout Marin County including, but not limited to, Marin City and the Canal neighborhood. At least one series for each Bingocize and Matter of Balance will be delivered in either Spanish or Vietnamese.

Vivalon’s Falls Prevention program targets Marin County’s older adult population with a specific emphasis on providing programming in the underserved communities in Marin County. Although there are no requirements for participation, the focus is on low-income adults 60 years and older.

Active farm and garden programs

The Laguna Honda farm hosts Animal-Assisted Therapy as a formal therapeutic service for some residents. For anyone who likes animals, this space provides a soothing oasis of happiness and peace. Residents looking for a little retreat find the farm a place of discovery and contentment.


Watching colorful fish swim about creates a sense of wonder and fascination. CityBridge Laguna Honda has supported large aquariums, where people can spend time communing with a society of graceful, peaceful creatures. By bringing the outdoors in, the fish provide a tranquil experience of nature that benefits everyone.


A fulfilling life has many parts. For people in skilled nursing facilities, it is refreshing to go beyond the grounds and enjoy the world outside. Favorite outings we have helped fund include museum visits, movies, baseball games, picnics, Bay cruises, and trips to local restaurants.


An iPad is more than just a device. For many elderly and disabled, it is a gateway to the world. A chance to stay connected with family and friends via video chat. A way to access music and TV shows from any era and take part in today’s conversation about anything. When Covid hit, CityBridge jumped into action, providing new iPads for the nearly 760 residents at Laguna Honda to share and stay connected.

Help us build bridges to make lives better.