Thank you for your interest in applying for grant funding through CityBridge Laguna Honda’s (CBLH) grants program (“Grant Program”). We are currently reviewing applications for 2024.

Our goal is to provide resources to help grantees lift the spirits, engage the minds, and enrich the lives of the San Francisco Bay Area’s vulnerable elderly and adults with disabilities.

We award grants averaging $30,000 and assess programs annually. For a better understanding of the types of programs we fund, please review the Programs section of this website.

Download Guidelines

1. Any grants awarded under this Grant Program will be subject to applicant accepting and signing a Charitable Grant Agreement (“Grant Agreement”) in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by reference and accepting such other terms and conditions as CBLH may require as a condition to the award of any grant under this Grant Program.

2. As mentioned above, the Grant Program targets yearly grants in the $30,000 range but will consider proposals both lower and higher.

3. Projects must be completed within eighteen (18) months of execution of the applicable Grant Agreement, unless otherwise noted in the executed Grant Agreement. CBLH will follow up nine (9) months after project approval if we have not heard from the applicant. CBLH reserves the right to rescind funding if the project is not complete within 18 months of a signed Grant Agreement and for such as other reasons as detailed in the Grant Agreement.

4. Proposals must include an estimated project cost and budget and must note administrative and non-administrative expenses.

5. Grant proposals and applications are reviewed by the CBLH’s Board of Directors in the fall of each year. You will be notified in November that same year if your grant proposal or application has been approved.

1. The approval of any grant proposals or applications under the Grant Program will be subject to the applicant’s acceptance and execution of the Grant Agreement in substantially the form attached hereto as Exhibit A and incorporated herein by reference and acceptance of such other terms and conditions as CBLH may require as a condition of the any grant under the Grant Program.

2. Proposals must focus on the underserved elderly and disabled. For the purposes of our program, we define “underserved” to mean Medi-Cal and Medicare-eligible.

3. Proposals must address the needs of those in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here for the counties we serve.

4. CBLH complies with California and federal laws related to nondiscrimination. We fund programs that serve populations regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, HIV status or related condition, marital veteran status, political affiliation, age, and any basis that is prohibited by law.

5. While we understand the need, our focus and the focus of the Grant Program is not:

  • A. Those with a mental illness or developmental disability requiring an organized program of active psychiatric intervention, according to Title A of the California Administrative Code, paragraph 278.2(1), (b), (c).
  • B. Those with a psychiatric diagnosis without coexisting dementia or other medical diagnosis requiring SNF or acute care.
  • C. Substance abuse programs.
  • D. The homeless.
  • E. For-profit programs or facilities.

6. Applicants may be awarded only one CBLH grant per fiscal year.

7. Due to a limited funding pool, CBLH requests applicants only apply if the resources are needed.

8. Current members of the CBLH Board of Directors, CBLH staff, and their immediate family members are not eligible for funding under the Grant Program.

The following information is required to be considered for a grant under the Grant Program:

1. A brief history of your organization.

2. Organization’s IRS status.

3. Contact information. Website address.

4. The programs/services it provides and for whom.

5. A description of the program/services as it applies to this application.

6. The populations served by the program/services.

7. The sight(s) where the program/services will be held.

8. An accounting of the program/services*.

9. The total amount of your request.

*Please note grants are for programs/services only and not for administrative costs to provide those programs/services.

1. Projects are evaluated to the degree that they advance CBLH’s mission.

2. All eligible proposals will be evaluated by a review committee composed of CBLH board members.

3. Grants are voted on by the CBLH Board of Directors in September 2024. You will be notified in October 2024 if your grant has been approved.

1. CBLH will enter into the Grant Agreement with the grant recipients.

2. The Grant Agreement will include a detailed project scope and the estimated grant amount.

3. Funding reimbursement will occur upon successful implementation of the proposed project, as determined by CBLH and pursuant to the Grant Agreement. All projects must be completed within 12 to 18 months, unless otherwise noted in the executed Grant Agreement.

4. Grant recipients must allow CBLH to photograph any completed projects, develop narratives around the project, and permit CBLH to use such photographs and project narratives for fundraising and publicity purposes.

1. CBLH reserves the right to request clarification and/or supplemental information from any applicant to facilitate evaluation of the proposed project.

2. CBLH reserves the right to award funding it deems fit in its sole and absolute discretion. This reservation includes and is not limited to: the right to reject any or all proposals for any reason; the right to award funding in different amounts to varying applicants; the right to award funding for multiple projects to the same applicant; and the right to request that an applicant reapply to remedy errors in submission.

3. CBLH shall not be held liable for any expenses incurred by applicants before the date of the Grant Agreement.

4. CBLH reserves the right to modify these guidelines, the attached exhibits, the terms and conditions of the Grant Agreement, and any of the procedures at any time.

5. CBLH reserves the right to terminate the Grant Program at any time and shall not be held liable for any projects without an executed Grant Agreement at the time of termination. This Grant Program Summary is to be used for general discussions purposes only. It does not represent an offer or create any agreement, commitment, duties, or otherwise by CLBH to sign a Grant Agreement and/or provide any grant under the Grant Program. CLBH will have no contractual duties to any grantee or applicant with respect to any grant under the Grant Program unless and until CLBH approves the grant proposal and delivers an executed copy of the applicable Grant Agreement to the applicable grantee/applicant. Only upon the full and final execution and delivery of such Grant Agreement by CLBH will any obligations attach with respect to the award of any grant under the Grant Agreement.