The CityBridge Board of Directors comprises a group of dedicated volunteers who care deeply about San Francisco and the good work being done at Laguna Honda Hospital.

Several board members first got involved because they had family members living at Laguna Honda. Others are proud to carry on a family tradition of participation and support. It’s notable that most of our members have been on the board for more than 20 years. Many who are now members Emeritus served on the board for 40 years or more. Betty Sutro, one of our founding members, was on the board for over 55 years. The Betty Sutro Meadow at Laguna Honda Hospital was named for her. The Boyd Seymour Vista was named for one of our members who served on the board for 45 years.

Here’s a list of our dedicated leadership. We invite you to support our heartfelt cause.


Peter A. Johnson

Craig B. Collins

Timothy J. Halloran


Peter W. Callander, M.D.
Dwight Cochran
Lisa Wilcox Corning
Christopher B. Escher
Joseph S. Lerer
Morris H. Noble, Jr.
Sara C. Stephens


Richard J. Behrendt
Kathleen Cardinal
Terry Lowry
William C. Miller
G. Barney Schley
W. Sloan Upton

Help us build bridges to make lives better.